October 4, 2019


It's been a while since I posted anything here, as I have been busy learning to draw, riding my motorcycle and finding a new woman to call my own. But without further ado, here's some of the latest...

A loop for the new Samsung Retail Store that opened recently in Southern California. A gig for Michael Fisher of MYKNYC in New York City and Tom Stempfley of Samsung Electronics in Dallas, Texas.

An OOH-res Key Visual for Alcor eye correction lenses. A gig for art director Slade Seaholm and Art Producer Susan Dore of HBC in Austin, Texas.

And from earlier this year, this motion logo for Mike Fisher's documentary about Fire Island.

And more recently I reconnected with Michael Wilde, one of the greatest art directors and craziest and most beautiful minds I've worked with. He was one of the first to entrust me with his ideas back in 2006 with the Ghirardelli pitch. Bite it before it bites you. Know what I mean?

March 5, 2018


Nice surprise in the mail today. Got my Found Book. I love these guys. They care about design and the details. Best portfolio events, best website and best source book in the industry.

January 7, 2017


And second, I just got a sneak preview of the spread with the three images that made it into this year's bi-annual "200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide" which is both an exciting shot in the arm as it's an honor. With most of the studio work these days being confidential and/or architectural in nature, I honestly wasn't sure we'd have enough top-grade material to be selected for a third time in a row. But thanks to Trevor Oldershaw and Ronny Northrop at Y&R San Francisco, who gave us a shot to go wild at creating these ass-kicking nanobots critters, we made the cut. And speaking of "Thanks To"... a shout-out to all the amazing artists that partook in these is in order too. John Godbee, Devin Nickoloff and Ben Guestella contributed their 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting chops to create these the cool blue meanies now featured in the Fantasy World of Luerzer's Archives unique global CGI compendium. Congratulations and thanks to all of you!


I heard last year was the year of the Unexpected and this year will be the year of Change. I have a feeling that's true. But before we get to far into new things, kicking off this new year is some recognition for work in the last. For one, a job we collaborated on with photographer Robert Schlatter under the creative direction of Dan Chau, a hero shot for Pepsi's Aquafina Sparkling. Not only was liked well enough to be the advertising key image, but chosen as the hero for all the packaging. And to top it off... made an appearance in the Creativity Awards Show garnering an award for the Pepsi's in house design and innovation team.

November 30, 2016


So I went out and got my Apple Book. Of course. Just the regular, not the Pro. It goes better with the original one. For those who know what I am talking about, this was a huge Deja Vu! And no, I don't think it's expensive at all. I think it's a steal actually, knowing what goes into making one of these. Inks from Epple (which is Swabian for 'Apple'), 8-color separations and paper from Scheufelen in the Black Forest. Which made me remember that as an apprentice we made a field trip to the Scheufelen paper factory. I have this image burned into my mind of staring into a million gallon steel tank with a knife blade at the bottom the size of a DC3 prop. And the pulp and water shooting in like all hell broke lose. I asked if anyone had ever fallen into it and they said, "unfortunately... yes..." and explained that the guy became part of the paper, because the paper machine you can never shut down. I think even Jony is not that close to his work. Anyhow, I thumbed through it at the Apple Store, and I think it's exquisite. A really beautiful tribute to the work and Steve Jobs.

I can't get myself to touch that dayglow orange dot and rip the seal... I think I want to keep it in it's box, figure a true collector's item it won't be, if I take it out of the box and rob the future owner of the whole Apple unboxing experience... luckily there is a walkthrough on YouTube (in 4K!) that helps me scratch the itch...

The only disappointment? Although "Designed in California" was probably designed in California, it wasn't printed here or even in Germany. It was printed in China. Maybe I'll open that seal after all. For Christmas!

October 3, 2016


Checking my inbox this morning to find a reminder that this is pretty much how I feel most of the time...

Only one seat left... maybe I should take it!

September 30, 2016


It's the third time that Luerzer's Archive asked for submissions to their bi-annual 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide book, which is the most concentrated and comprehensive look at computer generated art for print and I think quite unique in that regard. Pleased to say that for the third year in a row, one of our submissions was selected for publication (not spoiling by saying which) and the book will be out in late 2016, early 2017. Meanwhile here's a look at the second issue, which Luerzer now put online and in which our Egyptitan Jewelry Python made an appearance.