July 30, 2009


When we were first offered to work on this project with Bryan Davis, my first reaction was "That's disgusting!" It's about a sea of rats and an office full of what Kate politely referred to as "yuck" and me I was thinking something closer to this. But once we really embraced it... figuratively of course... questions came up: Are rats wet or dry? What PMS number is bile? What does a keyboard look like if you dip it in battery acid? Does sulphuric acid cause a carpet to catch on fire? So you start looking for reference... from chemical spills, to college binge drinking to exploding laptops, just to discover... these textures are amazing! And really nothing quite like what you expect when you get started. The other fun part of accepting this challenge is shooting HDRI at a photoshoot with a rat dompteur and discovering that rats do a better job when praised. I guess it's true... you learn something new every day.

At the photoshoot with Claude, Bryan, Owen, and Kate.

Our rats are not quite as cute and it makes no difference whether you praise them. Stay tuned for the final outcome of this mess.

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