May 13, 2014


H.R. Giger has passed away. One of my favorite artists and artist heroes. Quite possibly the greatest artist of our time. Maybe not with the art elite, but for all who art makes a difference and give shape, a visual of what so many can feel, but not articulate until an artist puts it in front of them. "Hans Ruedi" Giger—right up there with Helnwein and Sorayama—all of whom I got introduced to via Rock'n'Roll record covers. In his case it was Emerson Lake & Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery and of course I had my mind blown by the amazing Alien in the late 70s. I was just looking on the web to find the best version of this album cover image to add to my iconic images folder I've started when I came across the news… I couldn't believe this just happened right now. It's really sad. But with his art being all about death, poison, pain and skeletal remains, I guess you could say what they said about Alice Cooper… getting quite old for a guy who gets executed every night…

Here are some of my all time favorites… Weird, I just downloaded the iTunes version of this LP last week.

1973 ELP "Brain Salad Surgery" Album Cover Art

1979 Erotomechanics VIII

1984 Debbie Harry (Blondie) "KooKoo" Album Cover Art

You can read more about it in today's LA Times. or see more of his art on the Giger Museum Website.