July 27, 2013


Having been judged one of the best 200 digital artists on the planet by Luerzer's Archive we received a few copies of what I think is the first official compendium on CGI in print advertising. Although I have seen many of the artists and their work before, never in one place or curated in this way. It's come a long way, this art form that didn't have a home within photography, illustration, retouching or computer graphics, but just somewhere in-between until the term CGI was coined. The book opens with a letter from the Editor that gives some insight into Luerzer's thinking behind the first book of its kind, but also features a breakdown of the countries in which artists submitted from around the world. Why am I not surprised that Germany is Number One with the US a close second? Could it be that CGI is the marriage of method and madness? Two things the Americans and Germans are really good at?

July 6, 2013


This new Mac Pro renews my faith in Apple. So glad we hung in there since the last Mac Pro in 2010 and I can't wait to get one (or two ;-) this fall. I find it very futuristic and yet very retro, a bit like this Russian CGI motorcycle, no?

Love it. Rekindles some of the excitement of the Cube days. Wait -- has it really been 13 years already? The Cube... from a pre 9-11 world. And by the way, the Cube was a great machine... the Andy Warhol of computers in my mind. Way ahead of its time even if it was misunderstood by most.