September 25, 2010


The new Mac Pros arrived this week and they are configured, fueled up and ready to do some burnouts. I don't know why Intel can't think of a better name than "Westmere" for their processor that powers the 12-core engine of these new high-end Macs. I can barely pronounce it in my native tongue and even there it sounds like decaffinated lavender tea from Northwest Holland. I would like to see them take a page from the book of muscle car marketing where the power plant matters too... why not V12, Viper 24 or Thunderbolt 5150?

Vinnie... please make some calls before the release of the Lipton Fine Twine.

Anyways, for now enjoy the view of this 24-barreled Raygun melting through some Photoshop ice texture zoom blurred lighting effect in seconds...

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