June 1, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I heard again from one of my favorite art directors—Michael Wilde—asking me whether I wanted to participate in creating these poster images for the BMW USA offices, who are officially sponsoring the 2012 Olympics. Now with Michael, he doesn't really need to show me any comps for me to say Yes, but when I saw his comps, how could I say anything but... Yes! For me these have everything that I love... spectrum colors on black, a really great graphic design concept and they are iconic... a simple power that immediately gives me flashbacks of one of my other design heroes: Otl Aicher. He too had quite a hand in the world of graphic design for the Olympics in Germany back in the 1970s.

So we started out playing around with a few different ideas, different images representing various athletic disciplines and then I got into techniques... from simple Photoshop layering approaches to making the "multiple exposures" feel more like frames of motion captured over time even though they came from the same image to start with. This collaboration was definitely one of those projects that will make me say "Keine Frage!" if you were to ask me: "Do you love what you do for a living?"

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