January 30, 2012


To search for some extraterrestrial chickens. Have mercy on the cows. Or so the concept brief goes. Although we finished the work on this a while back, the blackout just lifted given that this goes into Chick-fil-A's 2012 calendar. The photographer for this assignment, Andy Mahr, contacted us to create the rocket and the launch platform in CGI for this image. Knowing that Scott Dorman from Smalldog Image Works would be doing the parts wrangling and final licks (aka compositing and retouching) made it easy to say "Yes", as this triumvirate constellation of Photographer-CGI-Retoucher is tried and true by now. Below the final outcome and a few in-progress renderings.

Building the Scene in 3D

It's all about the light, as any photographer will tell you.

Too bad, but this little easter egg didn't even make it past the internal review.

The Final Image

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