June 21, 2012


To answer the question of whether a print campaign that Robert Schlatter shot for the GAP Stay fragrance could be translated into motion using only CGI we created this 30 second motion piece. Not so much billboards, but retail spaces have become the OOH environment where extremely high print resolution and high quality imagery really come into play. Not only are the displays quite large in size, but shoppers can walk right up to it and hopefully the image is "infinite", meaning you don't lose the magic with the sight of pixels or dots once close up. And not just since the advent of video walls in Microsoft stores are high definition video displays all over the retail environment.

Here's one of the first test renderings:

It made sense for us to pursue this, after having been involved on the creative retouching end for the still photography to also create this extension into motion. The challenge was not just to create believable CGI water and match the photographic look and feel of the printed image, but somehow make it magical.

Here's another rendering with depth of field added:

The cherry on top came from Robert with the idea for a little surprise at the end of the clip. Did we rise to the challenge? Click here for the final video and judge for yourself.

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