November 11, 2012


Just got back from Chicago and two days and two nights of meeting some new and some familiar faces... art buyers, creative directors and photographers, too.

It's always a thrill seeing cool creative spaces and getting to present and talk about the work face to face, away from the screen and email. For the occasion I created an iBook of the portfolio that incoporates our motion work as well, where the animations and videos pop right off the corresponding printed page. I have to say, the iBook has been the perfect medium between book and reel and something that I was waiting for since neither a book nor a video shows the integration between print and motion. To get your own copy, make sure you have Apple's iBook App first. Then download the Raygun book for the iPhone or the HiFi version for the iPad and view it in iBook. Please be patient, the iPad file is slightly north of 100MB with all the motion in it.

I really like the people of Chicago. There is so much creativity, great architecture and art there, yet people are very modest and down to earth. And then there's this winter I heard so much about, but it did not seem to materialize... guess we brought a little California sunshine along. Michigan Avenue has a lot of really cool store windows and even though it's just past Halloween, there it feels like it's Christmas already...

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