January 7, 2017


And second, I just got a sneak preview of the spread with the three images that made it into this year's bi-annual "200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide" which is both an exciting shot in the arm as it's an honor. With most of the studio work these days being confidential and/or architectural in nature, I honestly wasn't sure we'd have enough top-grade material to be selected for a third time in a row. But thanks to Trevor Oldershaw and Ronny Northrop at Y&R San Francisco, who gave us a shot to go wild at creating these ass-kicking nanobots critters, we made the cut. And speaking of "Thanks To"... a shout-out to all the amazing artists that partook in these is in order too. John Godbee, Devin Nickoloff and Ben Guestella contributed their 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting chops to create these the cool blue meanies now featured in the Fantasy World of Luerzer's Archives unique global CGI compendium. Congratulations and thanks to all of you!

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