June 12, 2009


Thrilled and relieved to announce the new Raygun website with new work for 2009, and many small refinements and improvements. Thank you Monste from yummyink for getting my blog out of the starting blocks and thank you Claudia, Carolina, José and Sue from tompertdesign for an amazing job on the design and the Flash presentation and the tenacity to stick through all of my endless refinements and changes of mind. I hope you feel it was worth it.

So what's new besides the portfolio? One of the new links on top is a sitemap, just for you Kate (and anybody else who wants to see all the work on one page in 2 seconds). New, too, is a link to request the printed book as well as a direct link to iTunes where you can download our Raygun app, check it out, it's only $0.00.

And then there's a link to this Blog, a space where I am planning to provide a look inside the plasma chamber of Raygun, share timesuck links and show work in progress of interesting projects as they happen, rather than put them off until the annual portfolio refresh. And, yes, I am aware that the link here to the website and the link back on the homepage to this blog is what they call an Infinite Loop. Hope you don't get trapped...

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