June 29, 2009


Spent a little quality time with my old pal Photoshop, maybe because he's the least flakey or maybe because he loves me unconditionally... in any case, the new 3D functions were something of interest to me for a while, and I finally found the time to play with it, thanks to Lynda who has a course on the matter. The most surprising and fun tool I discovered is the image based modeling, which is where you can create an extrusion based on gray values in an image, i.e. white is high and black is low... great for creating landscapes, mountains or cities on the quick and cheap. You'll find that under 3D > New Mesh from Grayscale > Plane.

Make sure you start with an RGB image, not too high res, and check out the New Mesh from Grayscale > Cylinder and Sphere too. Pretty cool what you can do with this.

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