August 22, 2010


Just finished a fun piece for Tracy Locke/Schlage titled "Transparency" with Chad Vander Lugt art directing this piece and Scott Dorman of Smalldoggin' making sure the composite passes the muster of probability. We were asked to build the two open floors out of glass, including workstations, desks, conference tables and even threw in a couple of elevators and then composite in the individual people portraits. Went out and captured HDRIs of the surroundings while the photographer was up on a crane shooting the building and giving free rides to anybody who wasn't afraid of heights. Here's a look at the final and some under-the-hood pieces leading up to it.

The final CGI/photography composite

Close-up of the transparent floors

The HDRI pano used to light and provide reflections for the CG parts

An in-progress rendering of the glass floors

A rough rendering populated with CG people to help with perspective in shooting the warmer bodies

The building used in building the building

Erik and a fearless companion up on the crane shooting angles

Everything starts with an idea

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