June 20, 2012


Checked out the new Retina MacBook at the local Apple Store and the display is amazing. For those lucky enough to have gotten their hands on one, we've rendered out a version of our 1932 Ford Roadster Hot Rod 4K video we blogged about a few months ago, this video uses every pixel of this new display, so you can see for the first time what a full Retina video looks like on your new MacBook. Or click here to download and view it in QuickTime, full screen. Fast connection recommended, although good things always come to those who wait.


NotaMacUser said...

Woah....cool video by itself alone! Sadly however i cannot view it on a Retina Macbook Pro until mine comes in! How long did it take to render the whole video on the new Macbook?

Raygun Studio said...

Ha! Thanks! You can play it on your MacBook but we like to use the Mac Pros when it comes to rendering. This one took two weeks to render on two 12-core Pros in the original 4K resolution, which is twice the Retina res yet.

Macintosh said...

I like to use the Mac Pros