August 31, 2014


We chose to create this art in CGI, since I couldn't find the used set from Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball video on eBay or Craigslist and you know what happened to the guy that borrowed a tank in San Diego. Chris Conroy who also introduced me to WHM shot a whole ton of reference (no pun intended) from an office park that was being demolished right next to his studio, which gave us a good closeup look at cracks and texture. To do this in earnest then, I got deep into dynamics, somewhat new territory for me, to blow up some walls.

Dynamics are an easy way to overwhelm your machines very quickly when going high-res. For some time I wasn't sure whether we made a mistake going the CGI route, as what passes as photorealistic in a fast action motion scene, does not hold up for a 12 foot banner, especially when you can walk up right up to.

Even with the Mac doing a lot of heavy duty physics lifting, we didn't get around long hours of painstaking detailing work, whether pre- or post-demolition.

Breaking pieces just so,retouching hairline cracks, adding subtle light and shadow to texture or fine dust and motion to have it feel like it's happening right now.

I think those hours have paid off and the art work was enough of a work of art for vmware to go all out with it.

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