August 9, 2014


No, it's definitely not a trash can. Or even a cylinder. Open on both ends, it's a Tube. With a furnace inside and spinnning blades at the end. Just like a jet engine. To keep your coffee warm. Because you won't have as much time to go get coffee or sit and back wait for it to finish rendering. That new "PowerMac G9 Tube" rocks. And did I mention it's super fast?

My only peeve... It doesn't look anything like the renderings on Apple's site. It's neither matte with a shiny edge or black. It takes on whatever color your lighting is in the room and reminds me of a lipstick case or something from the men's hair dye color palette. Why not leave it at polished aluminum? Bet you it would develop a nice patina over time. Like an American Air Force bomber. Oh, well. I think I'll have to set up an appointment with these guys.

Anyways, kind of hard to believe that fourteen years have gone by since the first super computer in an 8 inch cube.

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